1993 Dur: 6 min. 53 sec


  1. A solitary female figure firmly rooted on the ground is formed within the endless cycles of time.
  2. A male figure takes its place, and wanders off into the empty landscape, encountering the abrupt erection of a wall.

3. Through upheaval and violence the land and the two figures divide into two.



A pre-historical cyclical time based on the sun, the moon, on land, a female sense of time gives way to a linear, rational, historical time. A narrative takes place just like any other whatever the story maybe, obeying the rules of continuity. A seamless world like the psychoanalytical construction of our identity is unfolding.

  Until the unified land divides in two and two mirror images, two identical figures with two identical points of view, from different sides of the mirror, emerge. From there on nothing much takes place except their silence, their isolation and their preoccupation with each other.
The divide in such clear cut terms would never appear again, because for better or for worse it no longer exists in such terms. But the suspended time, the frozen landscapes will stay.

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